1616 Collaboration

1616 Collaboration

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The 1616 collaboration series with Cxffee Black seeks to honor the African and indigenous peoples who cultivated coffee culture then and now. All proceeds from this collaboration support them and the work they are doing in Memphis. Check out their website to learn more. 

Genji Challa

Nano Challa Cooperative

Gera, Ethiopia

1900-2200 MASL 

JARC Selections (Bishari 74110) & Indigenous Landraces 

Organically grown 

Tastes like:  Peach, Red Fruit Tea, Floral 

Genji Challa is a semi forest produced coffee, meaning the forest canopy is kept intact to provide shade for the coffee and to help preserve native plants. It's produced by Nano Challo Cooperative in Gera, Ethiopia. Nano Challa has been doing incredible work in Ethiopia, challenging the region on what cup profile and quality are today. They partner with TechnoServe, an NGO, that focuses on providing infrastructure. Nano Challa is meticulous about keeping lots separate so the cup difference can truly be appreciated. This particular coffee is Lot #11 and was a late season harvest. Gera is known for its high elevations. All of these factors undoubtedly contribute to the sweetness in the cup. 

Genji Challa is very close to Jimma, Ethiopia. Jimma is known as an educational hub in the region and there's particularly quite a bit of agricultural research done there. You'll notice the variety of coffee is JARC selections and indigenous landraces. Utilizing these varieties is an effort to get back to the roots of Ethiopian coffee to help heal the land and find varieties that grow best in the region. And NGO's like TechnoServe are working to create sustainable , eco-friendly solutions for the area - like the washing station they installed at Genji Challa. It uses less water than a traditional station and filters water for reuse by using vetiver grass. This limits the water run off impact on the local ecosystem. 

We love the flavor of this coffee and we also love what this coffee represents - education, growth and innovation, just like Cxffee Black. Nano Challa Cooperative is helping coffee stay black and that's something we are here for. 

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