San Sebastián

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Coffee Name - (Regional Micro-Lot) San Sebastián Origin: Honduras Process: Washed Varietals: Bourbon, Lempira, Red & Yellow Catuaí Altitude: 1750 MASL Tasting Notes: Stone Fruit, Chocolate, Creamy San Sebastian is made up of two microlots from Honduras, Marta Licida Vasquez and Jose Justino Lopez, both of which are the result of generational farming. This coffee was shade grown at 1750 MASL and are washed varietals of Bourbon, Lempira and Red and yellow Catuai. Martha is the oldest of 14 siblings and is the daughter of farmers. She bought land in 1987 and now owns 4 different farms. Jose has been farming all his life. He attended elementary school in San Francisco, but returned home after 6th grade to work with his father in agriculture. Throughout his life he has worked to educate himself to grow his business. Today his farm is intercropped with pine, lemon, avocados and many other crops. This coffee will taste of stone fruit, dark chocolate and will have a creamy mouthfeel.