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Coffee Name: (Single Origin) Aquiares Origin: Turrialba, Costa Rica Process: Washed Varietals: Caturra Peaberry Altitude: 1200 MASL Tasting Notes: Kiwi, Toffee, Spritely One of our first relationship coffees - Aquiares is the largest farm in Costa Rica, located at 1200 MASL on the hillside of the Turrialba volcano. 1800 workers live on this farm and own their homes. Diego Robelo manages the farm, taking after the trailblazing of his father, Alfredo Robelo, who worked tirelessly to transform Aquiares. This farm serves as a model of sustainable agriculture. They welcome researchers of all kinds and are always looking for ways to improve their crop and take care of the land. The coffee we chose is a Caturra peaberry. We taste kiwi and toffee with a spritely effervescence.